Biography: Lester Quintana

Quintana Advisory Corp. provides a new approach to business consulting for technology firms

Mr. Lester Quintana is a dynamic business and high-technology executive known for providing executable strategic solutions to complex problems. Mr. Quintana has held key positions in the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security. He has been engaged in the South & Central America, the Russian Federation, states of the Former Soviet Union, South West Asia, and globally sensitive locations. His customers at Quintana Advisory Corp. include public traded companies, growing private firms, and members of the global Fortune 500.

His areas of expertise include identifying emerging technologies, and providing them with strategic roadmaps with funding sources. He also provides executable strategic market penetration plans with emphasis on profitable growth, in-depth market analysis, and teaming agreements.

Most importantly, He has directly contributed to national security internationally at the diplomatic level at the globally recognized Threat Reduction Support Center (TRSC), where he provided advisory services to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s cooperative Nuclear Weapons Safety & Security, Nuclear Weapons Safety & Transportation, and Biological Threat Reduction programs. His primary responsibilities included providing transparency into US Government funded programs in the Russian Federation and States of the Former Soviet Union. They included: physical security enhancements to nuclear weapons sites, the transportation and safety of nuclear weapons destined for destruction, information systems to include special intrusion/detection sensors, and telecommunications systems. All his programs at the center supported the prevention proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

He is an expert negotiator on sensitive international affairs. From 2007-2009 he led over ten technical US Government delegations to the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense, focused on the 12th Main Directorate, known as the 12th GUMO (Glavnoye Upravleniye Ministerstvo Oborony). The 12th GUMO is responsible for the complete lifecycle of all nuclear weapons in the Russian Federation. In this capacity, he led technical negotiations alongside senior US Government officials with world leaders to include General Colonel (ret) Vladimir N. Verkhovtsev, the former head of the 12th GUMO and his Section Chief, Colonel Alexander V. Avdeev.

He has a proven capability to manage sensitive high-risk programs. During the same time period, he held the position of Chairman of the Pathogen Asset Control System (PACS) Product Team. He led the efforts of a multi-agency team composed of members from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Naval Medical Research Center’s Biological Defense Research Directorate, as well as other recognized global experts. The PACS system is described by the National Institute of Health as a comprehensive solution for the “accounting, management and control of biological agent stocks” at the sample and strain level. PACS has been expanded, and is now also used at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in Livermore, CA and Northern Arizona University.

He has received two Engineering Team Awards from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Ft. Huachuca Chapter while supporting the Headquarters of the US Army’s Information Systems Engineering Command (USAISEC). During this time, he promoted the use of open telecommunications protocols to enhance the operational effectiveness of cryptographic systems in tactical environments.

Mr. Quintana is member of the Board of Directors of the Secure Identity Biometrics Association (SIBA), the Safe America Foundation, and the Executive Advisory Board of Global Security Technology TV. His speaking engagements include various international conferences, colloquiums, and most recently Princeton University.

He holds a B.S. in Technical Management from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and a B.S. in Liberal Studies from Excelsior College. Mr. Quintana proudly served in the US Coast Guard where he received an Achievement Medal for Post 9/11 operations and two Commandant’s Letters of Commendation.

Mr. Quintana resides in Washington, District of Columbia. He mail be reached at