Federal Business Development

Federal Acquisitions Assistance

Our team holds extensive experience in Federal Civilian, Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community acquisitions.

Acquisition Planning: We assist our clients with business development strategies, including the identification of target markets, analyses of potential customers and competitors as well as locating potential partnering opportunities. We will connect you with potential customers to introduce your products or services and work out a timeline with important milestones identified to take your business concept to a deliverable product or service.

Communication Strategies: Effective communication is of vital importance in the execution of any strategic plan. We know the unique customer culture and needs of the federal sector and can suggest an array of useful methods for communication with potential customers.

Responding to Requests for Proposal (RFP) & Request for Information (RFI): We have a proven track record in helping large and small firms compete for business in the federal sector. We can manage the entire response to, or key subcomponents of, a federal procurement, including:

    • Written proposals
    • Oral presentations and coaching
    • Critical review/Red Team participation and consultant support
    • Production and delivery

Our Approach to Federal Business Development

Experience has shown us that actionable profitable growth/market expansion plans or initiatives are not a by-product of intellectual discussions alone, but a consequence of a disciplined approach to thought leadership that encompasses, but is not limited to the following major activities:

  • Situational Analysis – Obtain and leverage the in-depth, intimate knowledge of the situation and shareholders’ perspectives of the issues and challenges of both strategic and tactical overview elements of a given situation.
  • “As-Is” vs. “Desired” States – Using a variety of analysis techniques, we will deduce the current, and more importantly, “desired” state of all stakeholders to optimize the probability of success in developing and implementing a strategic plan or initiative as well cost critical tactical elements.
  • Gap Analysis – We will apply knowledge gained from the activities of the aforementioned Step B, to generate an ergonomic representation that delineates critical gaps in the attainment of mission critical goals and objectives.
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis – Our analytical determinations, blended with the leadership perspective of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) that a given organization faces in fulfilling its nation is critical. This analysis will enable us to confirm or render potential modifications to gap analyses.
  • Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics (OST) – We will provide the development of a simple, yet impactful, one page template that clearly explains the top three to four objectives, strategies to meet those objectives, and tactical elements to support those strategies. Specificity is essential to clearly articulate the objectives. In addition, we will ensure that these objectives are measurable so that we may measure progress against goals.
  • Performance Metrics – The development and application of detailed performance metrics will allow all stakeholders to regularly assess the implementation of strategic elements to the attainment of agreed-upon goals and also allow refinement of activities/strategies to redirect resources or focus when necessary.
  • Continuous Improvement Process – In order to ensure a quality program, we will regularly schedule reviews and critical analyses of progress made to realizing stated goals in a much needed process to infuse “Course Correction” and continually improve execution of the plan. Experience has shown us that many elements of formulating a quality plan are dynamic, and hence, one needs to possess the capability to adjust to inevitable changes in both the external and internal environments.

Sales & Marketing Collateral Development

Having developed marketing collateral for an array of firms – to include an early development publicly traded company we hold recent experience in creating effective marketing materials. Samples are available.

Sales Pipeline Creation, Development, and Management

We believe in transparency, and a formal sales & marketing and business development platform. Using a leading CRM platform, we manage the sales pipeline and relationships to uncover the “right” opportunities for our clients. On a regular basis, we provide our clients detailed sales pipeline reports. At minimum, we report on the opportunity, contacts, stage, calculated win possibility (p-win), weighted sale value, and next steps.