Our Client Responds to 1,000-Year Flood

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Sample of the Virtual Badge application used to document flooding impact

Our client, Disaster Solutions LLC has completed its response to the flooding incident that impacted the City of White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Disaster Solutions was responsible for assisting local first responders in coordinating response and recovery efforts and documenting the impact of flooding damage to public and private resources in the City.

In spite of all the promises of help and assistance from countless public agencies, Disaster Solutions repeatedly proved through its actions that it was the best possible resource any small town or city could rely upon. Hire this team of professionals.

– Chief of Police John Pauley, White Sulphur Springs, W.V.

Disaster Solutions LLC is a Small Business Administration HUBZone certified small business specializing in disaster response consulting services and software development for over a decade. Their years of experience has lead to the development of Virtual Badge® a mobile and web-based application designed for identity management, data collection, GPS tracking, and inter-agency interoperability. This system is able to rapidly gather analytics which produce actionable data and situational awareness during incident responses. Virtual Badge ® has been in use in some of the worst disasters in the last 5 years, including the Haitian Earthquake, BP Oil Spill, Japanese Tsunami, and many hurricanes.

Disaster Solutions LLC was contracted in part to create a Type III Incident Management Team for the City of White Sulphur Springs. This indicent management team, led by Disaster Solutions, received its delegation of authority from the City of White Sulphur Springs on 07/02/2016. The Disaster Solutions team worked closely with local first responders to manage resources effectively during the initial response phase of this incident.

Disaster Solutions also formed the perfect Public/Private partnership for our historic hotel and its local community.  Scott, as our Incident Commander, literally worked miracles in terms of making things happen on a huge scale.

– Greenbrier Resort Agency Administrator, Habibi Mamone

The Disaster Solutions team organized local first responders based on the principles of the Incident Command System and provided just-in-time training for local government responders. This incident management team improved the efficiency of response efforts and created a system for government verifications which facilitated the communication of critical information and cost allocations from the various responding agencies.

Disaster Solutions first focused on Family Support Services for the 1,800 employees of the Greenbrier Resort. To assist in conducting rapid damage assessments, Greenbrier’s Chief Operations Officer chose to have his personnel rapidly trained in the use of the Virtual Badge software and dispatched to document the impact of this historic flood. With 30 minutes of training, including an operations and safety briefing by Disaster Solutions, Greenbrier staff conducted damage assessment operations spread across the 11,000 acre Resort. The time/date stamped and geocoded forms and pictures were an excellent source for resource allocation and insurance claims documentation.

Disaster Solutions’ costs were returned more than ten-fold to our City.  Other cities looking to save this emergency expenditure only hurt themselves.

– Finance Director Linda Coleman, City of White Sulphur Springs, W.V.

In addition to organizational support, Disaster Solutions also acted as a consultant and advocate for the City of White Sulphur Springs. Daily Operations Briefings were conducted by the incident managment team, and all response operations were managed directly by this team. Disaster Solutions also worked closely with the City of White Sulphur Springs to facilitate proper documentation and reporting for the FEMA Public Assistance grant program to ensure proper procedures were closely followed. One member of the team remained behind to facilitate this documentation process.

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