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Virtual Badge is Available to Commercial Customers & Government Agencies

Disaster Solutions LLC is a Small Business Administration HUBZone certified small business specializing in disaster response consulting services and software development for over a decade. Their years of experience has lead to the development of Virtual Badge® a mobile and web-based application designed for identity management, data collection, GPS tracking, and inter-agency interoperability. This system is able to rapidly gather analytics which produce actionable data and situational awareness during incident responses. Virtual Badge ® has been in use in some of the worst disasters in the last 5 years, including the Haitian Earthquake, BP Oil Spill, Japanese Tsunami, and many hurricanes.

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Core Functions: Identity Management & Actionable Activity Reporting

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 4.20.33 PMThe Virtual Badge® solution is a two-part software platform that uses smartphones and tablets to collect and display actionable information, verify identities of field users, and host a secure, web-based Control Center to view and analyze data. The Virtual Badge® Mobile application is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems and may be adapted for BlackBerry and Windows users. Additionally, our patented technology allows our solution to function in 100% disconnected and/or poor connectivity environments, as is always the case in disasters.

Disaster Solutions has found that combining temporary credentialing (identity management) with field assessments like PDAs was essential for the accurate accountability of field operations to help assist in legal challenges like occurred following the BP Oil spill uses of Virtual Badge® by 400 personnel for 48,000 field reports in a mostly disconnected environment.

Features – real-time, Identity Management & Situational Awareness:

  • Combines a mobile application and a web-based control center
  • Functions without the need for cell or internet service
  • Remote, decentralized, registration process for new users
  • Optional location tracking, even in 100% disconnected environments
  • Unlimited, custom Form Templates to electronically collect GPS-based, time/date stamped field data
  • Anti-Counterfeiting measures—Encrypted QR codes; Auto-Validation check upon successful Scan; Remotely expiring a user’s Virtual Badge®
  • Actionable data reporting and back-end analytics
  • No proprietary hardware or scanners

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Disaster Solutions LLC Has Unserpassed Past Performance

Disaster Solution LLC’s experience and unique firsthand knowledge responding to these incidents has contributed to the rich development of Virtual Badge®, a field-proven, mobile solution with years of documented successes. Virtual Badge® also has been used in more than 20 U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense exercises with between 150 and 5,000 personnel. Virtual Badge is a Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) product, repeatedly proven and capable of performing in 100% fully disconnected environments. Disaster Solutions commercial customers include Florida Power & Light (FP&L) the third-largest electric utility in the United States, serving approximately 4.8 million customer accounts across nearly half of the state of Florida.

Virtual Badge® is Proven, Scalable, and Designed for Federal Computing Environments

In its 38-page report, The US Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Mangement Agency’s (FEMA) federal software lab, called the Preparedness–Technology, Analysis and Coordination Center, confirmed that VB is not just suited for federal use.  P-TAC was set up by FEMA “with data to support purchasing decisions” and to analyze compliance with FEMA’s unique, 98 technical standards, like NIMS, ESF, and ICS requirements for software

“The system is flexible and scalable to support the full spectrum of multi-agency and multi-discipline incidents and events. VB is consistent with all [6] NIMS criteria…all [15] Emergency Service Functions (ESFs)…all [9] Incident Command functions….VB is consistent with all [14] management characteristics of the Incident Command System (ICS)….”

As to scalability, Florida Power & Light (the third-largest electric utility in the United States) relies upon Virtual Badge® for 1,400,000 complex, GIS-mapped, data exchange points, confirming P-TAC’s 2013 finding “the system is flexible and scalable.”

FedRAMP compliance pre-assessment was completed in September, 2015, by a FEMA Authorized, Third Party Assessment Organization. To further meet federal security standards, Virtual Badge® has been tested by the U.S. Army Joint Vulnerability Assessment Branch (JVAB), as well as has had extensive testing under two Cooperative Research and Development Agreements with the U.S. Air Force Academy (CRADA 15-288-AFA- 02 and CRADA 13-024-AFA-01).

Compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive #12 & Presidential Policy Directive #8

In addition to data collection operations, Virtual Badge® is designed to improve interoperability between disparate public and private agencies per Presidential Policy Directive #8 and improve compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive #12. Badges aid in identity management and displaying temporary credentials of disparate users. Virtual Badge® has hierarchies with silo walls for various agency views which can be set up to preserve agency requirements for data security and privacy, while still allowing for information sharing and interoperability. User information is displayed on each mobile device, with an encrypted QR code (used to verify authenticity) which then can be scanned by another smart phone with no need for any other hardware devices.  This functionality also can work without a cellular connection and internet connection.

Virtual Badge® Features & Response/Deployment History

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Intellectual Property

Disaster Solutions has seven (7) approved, US Patents that protect the Virtual Badge®, four approved Trademarks, reserved domain names, and the related intellectual property.  Disaster Solutions has invested heavily in the protection of its intellectual property establishing these patents to both provide and enforce intellectual property protection with over 500 pages of details, diagrams, and drawings covering a variety of disaster scenarios.

Disaster Solutions holds the following patents:

  1. US. Pat. No. 6,574,561: Modular architecture for rapid deployment and coordination of emergency event field surveillance using electronic devices
  2. US. Pat. No. 6,868,340: Emergency management system including mapping field data collected from mobile devices
  3. US. Pat. No. 6,999,876: Modular architecture for deployment and coordination of emergency field surveillance coupled with command mapping of said data using GIS.
  4. US. Pat. No. 8,154,440: GPS pathfinder cell phone and methods
  5. US. Pat. No. 8,671,143: Virtual badge, device & methods
  6. US. Pat. No. 8,930,458: GPS pathfinder cell phone and additional methods
  7. U.S. Pat. No. 9,002,944: Virtual badge, device & additional methods

Executive Management

Scott Lewis, Vice President, has 38 years of emergency services experience, with his first Complex Fire Command training certification up at the National Fire Academy in 1982.  He is a Type III, Tier II Incident Commander, certified by the USCG.  In 1999, he founded Eagles Wings Foundation, a 501c(3) public foundation focused on performing disaster relief worldwide and is the Vice-President of Disaster Solutions , the developer of the Virtual Badge® software. Scott is the lead of the Pathfinders Task Force® and has been tasked into many of the worst disasters in the world since 1999. Mr. Lewis is the inventor of 4 published mobile software patents, is a FEMA certified Instructor, holds 30+ certifications, and is the co-author of several, published disaster training course books.  Mr. Lewis holds a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in English from Duke University.  He also recently has been identified by Morgan Stanley Investment division as a successful, serial entrepreneur.

John Simion is the Chief Technology Officer and is the Program Manager, main architect of the Virtual Badge® software, and head of the development team. He has coordinated the complex programming development of the VB software, first on flip phones, and then into both the Android and i-Phone software solutions. Mr. Simion is a credentialed first responder and has served at many of the worst disasters in the world since 2010, including the Haitian Earthquake, BP Oil Spill, and Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami. John attended the University of Florida, is currently pursuing his Project Management Professional certification, and is a co-author of 2 published patents.

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