Mr. Quintana Joins Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA) Board of Directors

WASHINGTONApril 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – The Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA), a non-profit association established in February 2014 to encourage use of solutions that protect and secure identity across private and public platforms, today announces its board members. The new SIBA board represents proven expertise in identity management and biometric solutions, high technology government relations and commercialization, and the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities. “I am so pleased with the diverse and highly relevant experience on the SIBA board,” said Janice KephartSIBA CEO. “We are already covering new thought leadership ground on the most pressing secure identity and biometric issues, and with a board like this, we will have the ability to reach audiences in business, government and consumer level in a manner unprecedented to date.”

SIBA board members are:

SIBA strategic advisors are:

  • Reed Stager, President, Five Peaks Group
  • Horace Kephart, former President and CEO, G.O. Carlson Inc.

Paul Schuepp and Jim Annulis said this about serving on the SIBA board:

“Animetrics enthusiastically joined SIBA as a founding member. Janice Kephart’s timing establishing SIBA, with the current tsunami of activity and demand for the biometric industry and technology providers, was a perfect opportunity for Animetrics to play a significant role in our industry’s advocacy and thought leadership. SIBA has created the forum for responsible industry organizations to participate in creation of consensus, economic security, policy and legislative change.” – Paul Schuepp

“Being an entrepreneur, I realize that novel concepts keep business and technology moving forward – to challenge the status quo, enabling better ideas to root and flourish. That’s not easy to do, but it’s    necessary. After my first discussion with Janice Kephart, it was evident that she possessed what I consider to be the three necessary characteristics of a change agent: knowledge, influence, and guts. With Janice at SIBA’s helm, I think we can introduce new identity management solutions and help people understand how those solutions can improve their lives.” – Jim Annulis

Ernest Baynard states: “The global identity management and biometrics community is at a critical crossroads right now with new use cases launching worldwide while decision makers here in the United States continue to make critical decisions regarding the use of new technologies here at home. It is essential that, as a nation, we get this right on both the facts and the policy — I am confident that SIBA will provide an impactful and insightful voice to this important debate.”

Emerging technology and commercialization strategist Dr. Thomas Cellucci, Ph.D., MBA Chairman & CEO of Cellucci Associates, Inc., says of SIBA’s potential: “As one who frequently works with the intelligence community, I see great value in the next generation of biometric and identity systems that provide innovation.” Cellucci is author of the best seller An Innovative Guide to Public-Private Partnerships. Lester Quintana’s view: “Biometrics and identity management are at the core of emerging technologies for all sectors, including global markets. Cellucci Associates believes SIBA is the forum to provide the essential leadership in a dynamic market.”

Matthew Young approaches SIBA from the perspective of technology integration and interoperability. “SIBA is well positioned to enable the biometrics industry to integrate into the commercial and government sectors by bringing together SMEs, business leaders, and expertise in legal and policy implications. SIBA has a key responsibility to provide sufficient awareness and information for decision makers and consumers alike, allowing them to determine the appropriate role for biometric and identity technology.”

SIBA is a group of vendors and other stakeholders with a common interest in proactive thought leadership, communications and government relations. Its mission is to create awareness and promote the value of secure identity technologies and biometric solutions that effectively protect and secure individuals from identity threats as well as protect and secure facilities, organizations and governments.